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Updated October 1, 2019



Alan Bray is the sole owner of this website. 


When you visit this site,  we do not collect any identifiable personal information about you unless you contact us directly. Should you send us an email via a link, all your information is kept in secure, password-protected files accounts.


If you would like to see any information we have collected about you at any time, please send us an email at .  You may also request to have any information we have collected deleted.


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Additional third-party services we use or this site is connected to include Gmail, Google Analytics, and Google for site indexing. Any of these services that have access to your personal information are required keep that information private. We provide links to Amazon where you can purchase The Hour of Parade and The Puppet's Tattered Clothes. We do not work for Amazon nor are we an affiliate of Amazon. We do collect royalties on our books sold through Amazon. We do not control these services nor do we have a financial interest in these services except to pay for the services they provide. These services may use cookies to operate their platforms.


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We do our utmost to keep your information private and secure. No system is infallible, though, so please choose carefully when you provide us with information.


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