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October 11, 2016

Publisher's Weekly just reviewed The Hour of Parade, calling it "a rich and compelling look at four people seeking purpose." I'm pleased and surprised, but life's full of surprises, isn't it. 

The Hour of ParadePW

August 6, 2016

The New Hampshire Writer's Project has nominated The Hour of Parade for outstanding work of fiction in the 12th New Hampshire Literary Awards. Okay, it's a small state, but we have a great literary tradition, and it's an honor to be among the other nominees. Thank you. Here's a link to their FB page:

The Hour of ParadeNew Hampshire Literary Awards

June 5, 2016

Lisl has just posted a review on her Before the Second Sleep site. 

"Lovely, passionate, haunting, explosive, plush and vibrant, The Hour of Parade is a tale and a study to be seen as well as read, to drink in with the senses and to re-visit with the richest of classics."

I'm really humbled by what she's written. This is the kind of review authors dream about—because it's so thoughtfully done. Thank you. I am honored. 

May 12, 2016

Stephanie Hopkins and IndieBrag have just posted a short piece of mine on the Layered Pages site. It concerns how I think about writing characters in an early nineteenth-century setting. Many thanks, Stephanie. It's always a pleasure and I appreciate it. 

December 9, 2015







I am happy to announce that The Hour of Parade was listed as a top 100 Notable Book by Shelf  Unbound.  You can view the issue here: Shelf Unbound, January 2016.



October 8, 2015



A work of fiction cannot be held to the same standards of truth as non-fiction; by its nature, it is largely “made-up.” However, a quality of plausibility is necessary to convince the reader that the fiction is at least rooted in a common reality.

The Hour of Parade is a work of fiction. The major characters in Parade are not based on real people as characters in the genre of historical fiction may be but are portrayed in real historic settings, in particular the aftermath of the battle of Auste...

May 19, 2015



Awesome Indies Books has approved Hour for their site and written a nice review entitled "Beautiful Prose."

"We meet soldiers on opposite sides of a battle with an elegant grace that only that time period (and someone who researched it thoroughly) could provide to a harkens back to those classic novels, like Tolstoy, who present the reader with a story that has depth, and approaches description at a much higher level than many novels of the modern day."

My gratitude to them.


May 6, 2015



Extracts just did a nice interview with me subsequent to their posting an excerpt from The Puppet's Tattered Clothes

Here’s a link:

I really appreciate the opportunity to talk about my writing. Thank you.

And thanks to Dena for new photo.


January 31, 2015



Robert Burnham, editor of the Napoleon Series, has published a nice review of The Hour of Parade.  You can read it here.


Thank you, Bob. The Napoleon Series is devoted to scholarly research on the Napoleonic Era, and I am proud that my book was praised for its realism and accuracy (among other things).

January 29, 2015


Stephanie Hopkins has just posted an interview with me on her site. You can read about it here.  I opine about various matters including Rousseau, self-publishing, and pirates. Many thanks Stephanie!

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